A chance to have your pet portrayed in watercolours.  Using good quality eg:  Windsor & Newton, Daler, Rowney 300gsm watercolour paper and paints, your picture will not fade unless hung in direct sunlight.

Comes supplied with simple frame in colour of your choice. Sizes are 10″x8″, 8.3″x 11.7″(A4)  or 7″x5″ all standard photo/certificate sizes.

Because, in the nature of my painting, I usually fade the subject into the background there is no need for a mount in the frame but if this is required or any more specific/special frame you would really like then I can arrange this at an additional cost with my frame suppliers.

You may wish to have three animals depicted slightly smaller but all in the same frame for example:

Price for single portrait £95,  £120+ for picture containing two animals or more.

Below are some of my recent portraits. Click on any image to see an enlarged version with comments and further contact details follow.


Using the contact page, tell me your requirements and you can then email me a photo of your pet.  As pets do not stay still for long (unless asleep) they are usually painted from a really good quality photo which gives sufficient detail and an impression of their character.

A good quality photograph or photographs is essential for me to produce a successful portrait of your pet. Here are a few tips (supplied by my husband, who is a professional photographer) on how take the best possible photos.

  • Use good quality natural light if possible. Outdoors in a park or garden is a good option. Cloudy bright conditions are ideal, easier to manage than bright sunlight which can produce harsh unflattering shadows especially if the colour of your pet is black.
    Pictures taken indoors can work well if there is sufficient natural light. Get your pet to sit or lie where there is good window light ideally from the front and slightly to one side.
  • High end smartphones have great cameras in them these days but most have a fixed wide-angle lens which if used too close will tend to distort your pet’s features, making the nose and head too large in relation to the rest of its body. Use the zoom function on the phone’s camera, if it has one, to allow you to move back and get a more balanced perspective. Better still use a separate camera with a portrait or telephoto lens. Just be aware that if you use a flash if will alter the natural colours of their coat.
  • Use treats or a favourite toy, holding it slightly up and away from you to get him/her to look up with a bright, alert expression. So, do send additional shots you’ve taken, for example: playing, sleeping, being cute or not! as, if I haven’t already met them, this will help me portray them more accurately.  Taking it at eye level with a dog, for example will give you a good head and shoulders shot. Choose photos that show a typical pose and expression.

If you need any extra help or would like to arrange a photo sitting please call or message (+44 7512 524769) …I’ll be happy to discuss any aspect with you.