I started painting very young with my dad.  There are lots of photos of us both sitting in deckchairs outside the caravan on holidays with a watercolour sketch pad and paints on our laps. We always had watercolours around and used oils only on special occasions because they were too expensive.  After studying A level Art at school, I chose Drama College rather than Art School, thinking I would always keep up my painting.  During my time as a professional actress and later in amateur dramatics, however, I didn’t get to paint much more than the scenery!

Then a friend I made in Spain, where we now have a home, encouraged me to paint again using acrylics.  I’d never used acrylic paints before.  She’d taken up painting in her retirement. “Be bold” she said, ” you have to be bold with them.” were her emphatic words to me.  She was right.  Something about the harsh brilliant sunlight in Spain encourages you to go deep and wild with the colours.  Back in England my paintings would look too brash but in Spain they fit the bill quite nicely and are hung on the rough whitewashed walls in Andalusia. You can see the beginnings of some of my work under the ‘Hola’ page.

Unearthing my late father’s paintings and art materials more recently, I began watercolour painting again. I’d forgotten how versatile it could be. Unfortunately, due to a disablement, I can’t walk dogs any more but I can still wield a paintbrush!  Hence the first portrait of “Patch” began, followed by requests and commissions from friends for portraits of their pets for themselves as well as their family birthdays and special occasions.

Many thanks to my husband, my son and friends for their constant words of encouragement and especially Phil, who helped me develop this site.